Introducing Sean Hayden:

a writer life is not easy. it’s all about trying to find a balance, most of us don’t find it but until we can all become writers full-time, it’s something we all strive for.

A Line Between Balance and Insanity?

I wrote a book:

Ya, I know what you’re thinking, you wrote a book, so what? That’s what I thought, too. I smiled in accomplishment and began looking for a publisher. I found it frustrating to say the least, in the time I wasted searching for agents and publishers to no avail. Okay, that’s not true. There was a vail at the end of that tale. I did find a publisher, my book is being published, and in fact should be out in a few days. So that’s a pretty big vail. So I retract my previous “to no avail” statement. The thing is the hard part was over right? HAHAHAHAHAHA…….

Ya, not by a long shot!

Long ago, before I started writing, I entered into the realm of fiber-optics. WHosa-Ma-wHat? That’s what I usually get. You see, I started working for a local telecommunications company. I started from construction and worked my way up through the ranks eventually settling into being in charge of designing and maintaining the fiber optic network that feeds all the houses in their service area. It’s a rewarding job (better than most of them I’ve had) and keeps me quite busy Monday thru Friday from 8-4. I know, not a big deal. Most people have one or two full time jobs. I like what I do and shouldn’t complain.

Then came the childrens:

Ya, the childrens kinda threw a little wrench into the monkey works. I know, I know. I should appreciate them, and I do. Everything I do is really for them. I want to give them better than they’ve had and it’s my dream to spoil them like Macaulay Culkin (yes, I did have to look how to spell his name correctly). I’m a proud daddy of an 11yo boy and a 9yo girl, and I wouldn’t trade them for anything. Well, maybe chocolate, but it would have to be Belgian dark chocolate and a truckload of it. The only thing is between school, school functions, field trips, homework, dinner, making sure they bathe, the fighting, the “WHY?” questions, making sure their clothes are clean, making sure they’re agenda’s are signed every night (school policy, sore subject, don’t ask), and the friggin plethora of things that AREN’T in the frigging parenting manuals that they give you when you take your baby home from the hospital (no, they really didn’t give me one, but kids should come with one don’t you agree?).

Then came getting published.

Okay, so I have a book that’s coming out. End of story right? HAHAHAHAAHA, you crack me up. Now the fun part has hit. The blog tours, the press releases, getting reviews scheduled, marketing (sorry, didn’t mean to scare you with that word), organizing signings. I’m not gonna lie, It’s all fun. I wouldn’t give it up for anything, and it’s EXCITING. The other thing is keeping up with my writing. I have the sequel completed, I’ve almost completed an unrelated YA novel, wrote a steampunk short, and am currently working on a series of short stories with my 11yo son.

Then came the editor position:

Okay, between the job, the kids, and the writing, you have a few minutes to spend editing other people’s manuscripts right? right? HELLO? Um, ya. Sure. Let’s go with that. What I didn’t realize is that Echelon Press would see fit to make me Senior Editor. Couldn’t be that much different from being a regular editor right? Um ya. Let’s go with that. So not only do I have to edit manuscripts, I have the honor of going through new submissions, keeping everything organized (have you seen my keys?), and a plethora of everything else. Wanna know something else? I absolutely adore it. If I could spend the rest of my life being Senior Editor and writing as a full time job (yes, I’d be willing to leave the magnificent world of fiber optics, gasp) I’d be a happy, well adjusted, content, breathe a sigh of relief, be proud of my accomplishments kind of guy.

But until I’m independently wealthy from the sales of my books:

How do I find balance to do all of these things? The answer is very simple. C’mere. Lean in, I’ll whisper my secret into your ear. I DON’T! My life is an un-orchestrated ballet of mass chaos that teeters on the brink of global annihilation. Through a combination of caffeine, minimal sleep, threatening to buy a tranquilizer gun to use on my family, duct tape, Grecian formula. Tums, Rolaids, antacid, Pepmo quizmo (Pepto Bizmol as my daughter calls it), and yoga breathing exercises, I manage to keep the reins on the crazy horse dragging me into the depths of insanity. I think. Maybe. Possibly not. Oh well.

Sean Hayden

A biography

Born in the suburbs of Chicago, he moved to the frigid arctic climes of south east Florida as a small child. The son of a fireman and a proofreader (that’s what they had before spellcheck) he fell in love with reading at a young age. When he hit the age of 35 he wrote his first novel, an urban fantasy about vampires and demons entitled Origins. Unsatisfied with one novel, he penned the sequel Deceptions and both titles of the Demonkin Series will be available from Echelon Press soon.

Sean Hayden


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