A review from Pensive bookeater


My love for short stories is growing every time I read one! Ella Gray had me hooked from the first page. Right away, I liked Molly. She’s a witch that runs a charms store with a bit of a thief side business 🙂 I’m always scared with short stories that the story is going to feel rushed and there won’t be enough time to really connect with the world or the characters. However, there’s a surprising amount of action in this short story and there is also quite a bit of world building. You learn about the lore of the witches, fey, vampires, and elementals of this world. I liked the way Molly could use magic, with a combination of rituals, spell casting, and incantations. Also, a hot vampire ALWAYS helps 😉 Definitely waiting in suspense for the next installment (grrrrr at the cliffhanger ending, Ella!).

Thank you for the excellent review. It always gives me a boost when I know someone likes my work.


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