Excerpt of What a Way to Start the Day

It’s going to be one of those days. Being greeted by the sight of unpaid bills on the doormat just means one thing; I should have stayed in bed. Even the colour of the sky, a depressing shade of grey, isn’t filling me with much hope. Obviously it’s going to piss down with rain. There won’t be many customers walking through my door today and those unpaid bills are going to stay that way, unpaid. Half an hour left until I need to open the shop. Who knows, maybe the rain won’t last long. Yeah, and the Pope is a middle aged black woman.

* * *

My kitchen is small, but comfortable. If I turn away from the sink I can immediately sit at the wooden table. What more could a girl want. Pouring hot water into a large pale blue cup, my mind started to wander. What is the date today, the twelfth? Why do I have a feeling I’m forgetting something, something important? Adding a splash of milk just before I started to stir the cup of tea, I stop. No, it couldn’t be. It wasn’t even possible. I was due on…the…seventh? Oh crap. Stress, it has to be stress, I decide. I mean, there are some outstanding bills. Suddenly, the kitchen doesn’t feel so comfortable and cosy. Are the walls closing in on me? A nervous laugh bubbled up from inside me. It’s not possible. Fighting the urge to smack myself, I’m starting to sound like a broken record, caught in an endless loop.

I grab the cup, and the heat helps me focus. I’m over-complicating the situation. The simple truth is you can’t get pregnant by a vampire. It doesn’t matter he’s one of the purebloods. Okay, not strictly true, their branch of the vampire world can have children, but with other purebloods, not with little fire witches like me. A witch/vampire hybrid? It just sounds silly, like one of those bad horror films where the girl runs up the stairs instead of out the door. It didn’t make sense. Running my fingers through my crazy hair, being cursed with blonde hair now seemed oddly accurate, I sigh. It doesn’t matter. One thing I know for certain, my period has never been late before. Damn it, all I thought I was going to worry about this morning was if I planned on having sugar puffs for breakfast.

Like what you’ve read? find the whole story at the link below.


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