First Flight by Sean and Connor Hayden: A Review

First Flight
By Sean and Connor Hayden

There is only a select number of writers I wait in anticipation for new releases for. Janet Evanovich, Laurell K Hamilton, Jim Butcher and now Sean and Connor Hayden have been added to this list.
I was originally introduced to the world of steampunk from another one of Sean’s shorts, ‘Lady Dorn’. An interesting story that I will be reviewing at a later date. ‘First Flight’ is the 1st part of a 6 part story. Something that makes this unique, setting it apart from other writers is that Sean wrote this with his son. It is obvious that the talent for excellent storytelling has passed down the family line.
They’ve introduced the reader to a world of steam-smiths and believable characters. The story is strong and even if it isn’t a well-known genre, it doesn’t alienate anyone new to the genre. It tells the story of two twins who were kidnapped when they were babies, they have the talent to talk to machines. A talent that makes them valuable to Professor Pelusian Minus who runs a circus. Professor Pelusian Minus sent his henchman Albert to get a replacement steam-smith, after his one dies. Albert isn’t very smart, this proves, at least to me some laugh out loud moments and when the device he needs to read the power of steam-smiths goes off the roof when he’s near the twins, he takes them.

Going into anymore detail would ruin the story for you, so I suggest that you go to http://www.omnilit.com and download it. I’m looking forward to the next instalment in this exciting series.