6 months ago I started a project, I’m one of many writers. All of us working with Echelon Press, creating a series of shorts to entice people to read.
All of us have done well, I’m surprised that some of mine have ended up on the bestsellers list.
Now all my instalments have been submitted, there’s just two more to be released.
My instalments are short, on average between 4-6k and it’s been a pleasant experience. I’ve been talking to Karen about some other ideas, delivered the same way. Still fantasy and at 10k plus, and she basically said yes, it’s nice to have an editor who has that much faith in you.
I’ve also approached her about a series after that, and expanding another short story into a novel. All positive responses, which means my brain might actually melt but I’m happy, can’t complain about that.


Being a geek or why I wouldn’t change my teenager years.

I remember a time when being a geek wasn’t cool, more commonly known as my school years.
I wore a long grey skirt, a shirt, that was usually too big for me and as I was reminded recently, I wore boots. Not the sexy knee high boots I love so much today but ugly ones. I couldn’t be cool even if I had lessons in the subject. M
ore then 10 years has passed since I was called bookworm, because reading books was considered a bad thing in my school, especially by the popular brigade. You want to read? Like, why?
At the time if you’d thought about. something else besides boys, fashion and where you could get drunk next, you’d probably understand.
Anyway I have a lot of unresolved issue about my teenager years but with the hindsight of years I wouldn’t change them.
If I hadn’t been that reclusive teenager, who’d rather read in the library or write random tales of dismemberment, I wouldn’t be the woman I am today.
Still a little bit of a recluse but generally a lot happier with my life. I am a bestselling writer, and a geek. Which is going to inspire my blog from now on, no more focusing on the negative. It’s time to play to my strengths.
Today I picked up a Doctor Who book, I’m a fan and once a week I will be posting a review for any other interested geeks. Mostly consisting of the Doctor Who series, for now.
I’ll also be posting other things. Currently I’m working on two novels, so I might be posting short stories in three instalments, each 1k.
So there you go, there’s the plan. There’s also links on this blog to my Molly ‘novella’ and Rachel Valentine, eshort series.
So time to go home, have a cup of coffee and get to work. Bye all.