‘The Boy with the Blue Eyes’



The Red Carpet

I closed my left eye, readjusted my shoulders, took a deep breath, and swung.
And missed.
The axe embedded a few inches away from his neck. It’s okay, he’s dead. I’ve been hacking away at him for what feels like hours, he stopped screaming…eventually.
Thank god I put the plastic covering, down, you ever tried to get blood out of a cream carpet?
He had this coming, how many times do I have to say, ‘put the toilet seat down when you’re finished?’ Or ‘put the toothbrush lid on when you’re done’ But no, he just liked to push my buttons.
Well he pushed me too bloody far. I heave the axe back over my shoulder, changed my stance and one, two, three swung.
The axe doesn’t go cleanly through his neck, but he has gained a bloody smile under his chin. One more hit and I can start wrapping up his body.
Nope, no way this humpy dumpy is going to be put back together again.
The last hit of the axe severs the spinal cord, his head rolls away, quite impressive considering how large his nose is.
As I finish wrapping his body up, a knock brings my attention to the front door.
‘No, no, no.’ I’m not finished, not ready.
‘Mrs Dot, please open the door.’ A males voice I don’t recognise calls out to me.
I quickly open the suitcases, dropping in body parts with no sense of organisation.
Finally happy that everything needed to be where it should be, I took off the blood splatted apron, checked my reflection, opened the door and smiled.
The man smiled at me, ‘You called for a body removal Mrs Dot?’
The council collected all sorts of things these days, ‘Yes, he’s in the suitcases.’


The Price of Paradise by Colin Brake

This isn’t the first doctor who story I’ve read. My first introduce was ‘the king’s dragon’ featuring the eleventh doctor. It left my hungry for more.
The tenth doctor has always been my favourite doctor, my first crush on the time traveller (well there was Paul McGann’s doctor but don’t tell anyone) and my favourite companion Rose Tyler.
Unfortunately, The Price of Paradise wasn’t very good. A storyline I’ve seen countless times, and done miles better on ‘The Outer Limits’ and ‘The Twilight Zone’. I found myself skipping parts to find something interesting.


Searching For Michael

#1 in 'A Difficult Decision'

#1 in ‘A Difficult Decision’

Searching For Michael (1/6)

Rachel Valentine was eleven when her brother walked out of their family home and never came back. Five years later, whilst watching TV she sees her brother’s face in the crowd. Locked away at a convent, where her parents think she can’t get into any trouble, Rachel plots her escape, determined to find her brother. What else is a sister to do?

Alone in London, she discovers that the search for her brother is attracting the wrong kind of attention. Then she meets a man who says he can help her, but is he just someone else with plans of his own for her? Something strange is going on and if Rachel’s not careful, they’ll be adding her name to the steadily growing list of missing persons.

Submitted By: jen_wylie on Apr 3, 2011

After having read What a Way to Start the day, about the fire witch Molly, I was really excited to jump into Ella Grey’s new short story series! I wasn’t disappointed. Searching for Michael is an extremely well written, fast paced tale. I loved the characters, the MC is well described, and wonderfully not perfect. A definite great read for young adults. It ended all too soon and I can’t wait for the next instalment to see what happens next!