Codename Dib and Dab: Part 1

Once there were two brothers, two brothers who couldn’t be more different from each other, even though they were born minutes apart. As they grew up, their special skills became more apparent. Dab was reflective, and calculated. He could appear weak and harmless, drawing in his attacker before striking mercilessly, an expert fighter.
Dib was the ladies’ man, with the hair thin temper, but he had charisma in spades. But like all good guys they had a nemesis. His name was Jack, and his most recognizable feature? His ears, they were HUGE. They could probably pick up the police scanner.
Every time their paths crossed the tension was thick, you know the saying, you could cut it with a knife, and well this tension was so thick a saw couldn’t even get through it.
Dib and Dab trained together, stalking each other and pouncing off of trees. Chasing each other through a training area specifically created for them. Dab would take the high path, leaping from ledge to ledge. Dib would snake around the training area, keeping low and out of sight.
They trained for the fight they knew would come; it was just a matter of time.


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