Night Terrors: A Review for Doctor Who

Night Terrors: The Doctors and his companions come to the aid of a terrified little boy, whose monsters appear to be real.

I thought I would try a different approach to this review. The ‘Let’s Kill Hitler’, had a lot of spoilers in it. So let’s try not to give too much away in this one.

I didn’t like this episode very much. It reminded me a lot of the Tenth Doctor’s adventure with the girl taken over by aliens but that could just be because it featured a child.

I like the Eleventh Doctor, he’s a blend of an almost manic and childlike personality. There are moments when I just think he’s awesome, but this story let him down. There are strong moments between Amy and Rory, though I’m starting to think this means something is going to happen soon to break them apart. Why do I think this? Because something always goes wrong when everything is going right.

The supporting actors were a bit of a waste and in the end I didn’t really feel any peril. The dolls were a little freaky though.

So my rating for ‘Night Terrors’ is 3/5

I’ve already seen ‘The Girl Who Waited’ but haven’t gotten around to writing a review. I’m rewatching it tonight, so I’ll write a review tonight and post tomorrow.


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