The Gruffalo

I have a son, affectionately called the monster, bugger-lugs and the reason Daddy is going grey.

I’m not a great fan of kids programs. They really don’t make them like they used to. In the Night Garden is the main culprit. For some reason my son is fascinated by it. It must be the bright colours and the odd noises. My Mum had said that she thinks it’s all rather odd. ‘Why do those three things go behind a hill and swap trousers and kiss’. It’s a good question but I’m sure if I think about it too much, my head might explode in a bloody mess.

The Pixar, Dreamworks and Disney films aren’t that bad but those are films and I only have three kids programs. Most of those are brain numbing.

Then christmas came along and we stumbled across ‘The Gruffalo Child’ and I was impressed and so was the monster.

We go to the library about twice a week, usually we leave with a couple of books and a dvd. Usually its Toy Story but today, as I was sitting listening to the librarian tell the story of the five ducks. Monster ran to the Dvd case and came back with ‘The Gruffalo’.

So here we are, Monster is chewing on his spongbob torch and I’m updating my blog. Besides that it isn’t that bad.


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