A Rare Talent.

When I was in primary school, probably in year 5, which means I was ten, I read a book that has always stayed with me. A Spell for Chameloen by Piers Anthony, the copy belong to my mum and it was about a man who had no magical talent. The whole thing about the world that Piers Anthony created, called Xanth, was that everyone had a magical talent. They weren’t all powerful, but some had want were called Magician level talents and it were these that went on to become rulers of the country or world. There was one, I can’t remember his name who was a warrior and his talent was he was immortal. It didn’t matter if you chopped up his body, as long as the pieces were touching or close together, they would knit themselves together and he’d come back to life. I’ve always thought that Piers Anthony was an awesome writer, I liked how his mind worked. How he could look at something like approaching adulthood and create his own interpretation about it.

The thing is being a writer is hard, there are thousands of us out there. All you have to do is type something into amazon for a hundred stories based in that genre to pop up. What separates the writers who earn the big bucks and the rest of us? Is it an idea? A lucky break?

Or is it something simpler?


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