Blog Envy

I hate coming up with post titles. The thing is, you try to come up with something witty. Some thing that will entice people to come and read your blog. Some thing that says; hey, I’m a cool, hip person and you should really listen to what I have to say.
This is all bollocks, it doesn’t really matter what’s in the title. If the blog is boring, well, it’s just boring.

In all honestly, I have serious blog envy. There are maybe four or five people whose blog I read almost religious. I’m usually reading their when I should be writing my own. So this blog is going to point you guys in the right direction to some pretty awesome people.

1. The almost imfamous Sean Hayden, this guy is a supremely talented writer and seeks to take over the world and gain some minions. I’m saying we should all just go with it. He’s seriously better than the people in charge.


2. Rusty Fischer is the nicest guy that you’ll ever meet. He’s the writer who introduced me to zombies as being something more than ‘I want to eat your brains’. If you haven’t checked out Ushers Inc, which doesn’t have anything to do with zombies, go check it out now. Go on, I’ll wait.


Everyone back? Good let’s continue.

3. Kana Tyler, I’ve spoken to her a few times and she’s really friendly and totally kick arse. When you read her blog, which is a really honest peek into her life, you can see her strength. She’s gone through a lot and I always read her blog.


4. I used to work with KpopKimi-Chan, a very long time ago in a very small bar. She’s a little different from the others in this post. She’s a writer, but as far as I know it’s mostly non fiction and about her favorite subject, which is all things Korean. She’s also a talented cosplayer, making and designing her own costumes, drawing and painting. I wish I had half her talent. She can be found at, http://www.koreancandy.com

There any many more, and maybe when I have more time I’ll dedicate more of my posts on the awesome bloggers I read.


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