Cooking Disasters…I mean Desserts

I’ve never been a good cook. My mum says I have no patiences for it. A good example would be the lemon and yogurt cake I tried to make sunday. The recipe said I needed to whisk the egg whites to a soft peak. I mean how can you whisk egg whites to a soft peak? So I tipped them into the mixture, which didn’t look very good and started to mix, it really didn’t look good. Anyway I finally got to the end, waited the correct amount of time before taking out the cake. It looked okay, didn’t taste terrible but it didn’t taste great either.
So we get to this morning, I thought since it’s just me and the boy this morning I’d try making the cake again…famous last words.

At the moment it’s in the oven, I have no idea how this is going to turn out.

My first attempt, and yes I did say first, was looking good, until I realised that I was making it with icing sugar not castor sugar like I was supposed to be. So that ended up in the bin. I wasted the yogurt, because I’d already put that in, and three eggs.

So I start again, under the impression if at first you don’t succeed, buy it. Well I didn’t, I found the correct ingredients and got back to work. It’s the second attempt that’s in the oven as I type this. I had to improvise, which will probably be the words carved into my tombstone.

There wasn’t enough castor sugar, it’s supposed to have 11oz, it got 7oz. I didn’t have anymore greek style yogurt, so I used 3 of nathan’s yogurts. Now because I’ve had to downside the ingredients I used 2 eggs, instead of 3. I remembered to whisk the egg whites, and I’m pretty sure I got that bit right. I didn’t have any lemon zest, so I missed that bit out but I have lemon juice which can be added to the icing. Which will, hopefully, help make this taste like something, rather than bland.

Please cross your fingers for me, I’ll probably take a picture of this latest attempt at dessert making.


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