Meet Rachel Valentine

Before writing ‘A Difficult Decision’ I’d never tried my hand at writing supernatural YA. I generally write Urban Fantasy, so in my mind there really wasn’t much of a leap.
Rachel Valentine is a troubled girl, sent off to St Mary’s School for Wayward Souls because she accidently blew up the science lab. Her brother is missing, presumed dead by her parents. Her father is an govenment agent. It’s not a life he wants for his daughter but she’s still manages to pick up some skills a long the way.
She can’t connect with her parents, she doesn’t understand them and they sure as hell don’t seem to understand her. It’s why she acts out and why when she see her brother in the background of a news report in London, she does the only thing she can. She goes to find him. Well, at first she tells her parents but they don’t believe her. She’s sixteen, she’s got the skills of a secret agent and she’s sure that there’s nothing she can’t handle.
She’s about to find out that there’s some things that she can’t handle.


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