My Life

Being Strict

Since becoming a mum I’ve had to become quite strict. I’m still a fun mum, or at least I like to think so. It’s the things that I’ve learnt from becoming a mum that has helped me become a more disciplined writer.

I’ve had to become stricter with myself. I know that to become a better writer I need to be strict. Take tonight for instance I know that I have deadlines to hit. Usually I can be found upstairs in my bedroom writing. There are a lot of distractions upstairs, tv and my other half for instance. SO I picked up my headphones and decided to sit down at the table in the living room. Okay, I can now see outside and it’s pissing down with rain but I’m still more focused. I now just wish that the television behind me would be turned down.

Guess we can’t have everything.


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