Interesting Pictures

Today has been an interesting day. It signified my last appointment, barring Monday at the hospital. That in itself isn’t very interesting. The interesting thing is the picture the Doctor showed me.
It was my spine. It’s the part of the body you generally don’t think about. It’s there and it does a job that most people take for granted. Until you hurt it.
About a year ago I hurt my back. I thought it was a badly pulled muscle. It turned out to be a ruptured disc. It’s actually only a small rupture but the small ones usually hurt the most. Well that’s what the doctor said. The way it ruptures creates a snowball effect where the pain radiates from the one spot.

It’s amazing to see a part of your body you generally don’t see. It’s also amazing how the body works.

I really wish they could have let me keep the picture.


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