Moving House or Making a Home

For one reason or another, a house that really wasn’t suitable for people living in it, the birth of my son, hurting my back and not being able to pay the bills, in the space of nearly 5 years, I have moved 5 times.
You’d think it would get easier, it hasn’t. It takes a lot of planning in moving house. Addresses at the bank have to be changed, utilities have to be changed over. The list goes on. I’m hoping this is the last time for awhile, at least until the monster goes to school, that we have to do it.
My main problem is that none of those places felt like home. I moved in with my partner and while we painted there. It had so many problems. Leaky roofs and a housemate that didn’t know the cleaning power of soap. Then we moved, the next house was better, it had a garden and a beautiful kitchen. Unfortunately the landlady didn’t want us to decorate, so it still felt a transition place. In the next place I hurt my back and everything got on top of us.
Then we moved in with my mum. Now before anyone says poor woman, it sucks moving back in with family. While that is true, my mum is awesome and it was nice spending extra time with her.
Now we have this place. Cheap to rent, quite small but perfect for what we need, clean and fresh and a landlord whose okay with decorating. I love it. This is the one that’s going to be home.


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