Using Pennames to attract different readers

I think that as a writer you’re always trying to find your niche. A lot of writers refuse to be pigeonholed, this is why some of them use pennames. They don’t want to alienate their loyal readers when they try a different genre.
At the moment I’m reading D D Barant’s The Bloodhound Files, every time I find a writer that I love, and  this is fastly becoming an unmissable series for me, I go into research mode. I search online for more books by that particular writer because if I love one I’m sure that I’m going to love all of them.
For some reason I assumed that he was female, because most of the fantasy stories that I read are written by female writers, also he used intitals so I wonder if that was an intentional move on his part. I don’t think it would have made much differences to me. I didn’t pick up the book because of the writer or the cover, I picked it up because of the title. Death Blows, a brilliant play on words and a brilliant story. I picked up the next one in the series before I even finished Death Blows.
Back to my point. To my knowledge he has three pennames and writes three different genres. A lot of great writers have used pennames, Stephen King being one of the most recognizable.
So what’s the importance of a penname? Would you write under one?


One thought on “Using Pennames to attract different readers

  1. Yep! I do. For me, it was sort of hiding in plain sight. Writing erotica, is a dangerous business when you come from extremely religious people. Same reason for the indistinguishable photo in a burning heart. Too, it says something about me. Marshal Ferdinand Foch said, “The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.” I completely agree and enjoy trying, and reading authors who can make me feel that way..

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