Introducing the Monster

I'm knocked out by my own awesomeness

My darling son is halfway through his terrible twos. To be honest I thought that it would be worse. Okay, we’ve had the occassional screaming, kicking of doors and everything that he touches or me and his touches is his by default. He never really wants to go into his buggy, he wants to run…a lot. I’m guessing this is actually good, a lot of kids prefer to be pushed around. My son on the other hand is intensely curious about everything. If he isn’t running, he’s pointing out snails, birds or flowers. He can count up to two, can vaguely string a sentence together but everything he says does make some kind of twisted sense. He just gets some of the words in the wrong order. He is amazing to watch and being a mum is brilliant. I read to him every night, his favourite story is The Gruffalo but I’ve been introducing different stories…usually about dragons and monsters.

I can’t wait until he goes to nursery and then school. Not because I will see less of him but I thing going to school is something that we can bond over when he gets older. I’m going to be the parent who sits down at the table with her son and helps him with his homework because that’s how I roll. 🙂

I totally decorated this hat but mummy stapled it together.

2 thoughts on “Introducing the Monster

  1. Um, are those his pants on the floor next to him? LOL

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the twos. I taught two year olds for 15 years in preschool and I adored it. Certainly my patients got tried a lot, but that is the most extraordinary age. I call it the age of discovery. Everything is new and awesome. And at two they are just discovering that they have brains, but don’t know how to totally use them against us. ::snort::

    The discovery of EVERYTHING is the coolest at two.

    You enjoy it, cause in my opinion, and I do have experience, three is way worse. LOL


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