Bank Holiday? Really?

There are several downsides to being a full-time writer, never getting a regular paycheck, not really having much of a life outside of twitter and facebook, completely forgetting what day of the week it is. I hadn’t noticed that it was actually that bad. I’ve had projects to focus on and one that I wanted to get finished and submitted over the weekend. It was when I finally managed to talk to my dad last Thursday that he told me about the bank holiday this weekend (weekend just gone). I was like, ‘really? it’s a bank holiday?’ I can’t believe that I completely forgotten.

When I was little I’d been described as a bit of a bubble head, but in my defense I did just have too much on to worry about the actual day of the week.


My Little Dragon Mage

Every week my son changes, no I don’t swap him with another one, he seems to change every day, in the things that he can do, say and in the way he acts.

Mark likes to play Skyrim, Mark being my partner not my son. Hell if Nathan could play Skyrim at the age of two, I would be stunned and my son would be more awesome than he already is. Anyway I’ve already managed to figure out that Nathan likes watching Daddy play Skyrim, also that he enjoys it. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard him randomly hum the Skyrim theme song.

Today he really made me giggle, I would post the video of what he did if I knew how. Mark was killing thugs left, right and centre, when the dragon came out of nowhere. Nathan screamed, then told daddy to run and then preceed to run around the living room. Then he stopped, yelled at the screen and waved his hands around. He was trying to help daddy with some magic that he learnt from watching Tree Foo Tom. Even the times when he completely drives me up the wall and I want to pull out my hair, I’m going to hold on to these memories and remember that he has the ability to make me smile. Even when I’m having a shitty day.

So I’m the mother of one little dragon mage, the partner to a dragon warrior and satan’s little cat. Well, at least I can say that life isn’t boring.