Doctor Who, you have been missed.

I’m not the world’s greatest doctor who fan but damn I love it. I go months waiting for it on TV, I talk about it at great length with my mother and I love how it’s all connected.
When I first heard that David Tennett wasn’t continuing as the doctor, I was a little bit heartbroken. I’m not embarassed to say that I was a little bit in love with him. That final scene when he says that he doesn’t want to go? I cried, oh yeah big sobbing tears because I didn’t want him to go either.
Then Matt Smith came onto the scene, I really didn’t want to like him. I thought that the directors were dumbing down, aiming for a younger audiences and leaving the loyal viewers in the dust. Thankfully the 3rd season has just started and Matt Smith is an excellent doctor. I’ve read somewhere that Matt will be leaving as the doctor by 2014. It feels ages away but when you think about how the seasons actually work, this could actually be the last time we see him as the Doctor. I already know that Roy and Amy are going this year, in tragic circumstances if won’t has been said is true. Considering the latest attempt at misdirection and I will not mention it here until next week, the producers and writers are not above playing dirty.
This was an amazing episode, heartbreaking in a surprise reveal and full of that almost classic who humour. To be completely honest I would love to write for this show, not the actual tv show but the stories that accompany it. I don’t think that will ever be possible though.


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