Dinosaurs in Space

SO here we are, episode #2. I’ve been watching a lot of films with dinosaurs in them. The little monster is a little, shall we say obsessed with them at the moment. I’ve watched Ice Age 3 so many times I could tell you every word, joke and character. We’ve also gained two dinosaurs toys called Dip and Patch, now these aren’t their real names but I can’t prounce them for the life of me. It kind of makes you wondered what people were thinking of when they first started naming fossils.

But I get off topic.

I watched episode #2 of Doctor Who tonight. I can’t say that I loved it, I really wish I could. The Doctor shows his dark side at the end, he has no time for mass murderers, but then again, who does? We met Brian Pond (not actually a Pond but you’ve got to love the Doctor’s devotion to Amy. To him they aren’t the Williams, their the Ponds) who’s Roy’s dad. We meet Queen Netifiti (that’s probably not how you spell it) and the big game hunter, I think his name was Roy.

The special effect were pretty incredible and I did feel a little sad when one of the dinosaurs were killed.

What I didn’t like, this episode feels a lot like filler to me. Okay it had dinosaurs and a side bit where Amy is worried that they never hear from the doctor. It’s been about ten months for her, since they saw him last. She always feels like the girl left waiting, that she’d never know if anything happened to him. There is a nice bit at the end where the Doctor sends them a postcard as a way of keeping in touch.

I really didn’t like the robots. They were primarily used as comic relief but it felt like two comedians, which I’m pretty sure it was, trying to out do each other. They didn’t feel connected to the story in the slightiest and I would have preferred something like the cybermen or daleks. It needed to be either darkness or light, or at least dark humor.

Next weeks episode features Cowboys and Cyborgs. The end of Rory and Amy is coming closer, I’m not looking forward to it. I see tissues in my future.


One thought on “Dinosaurs in Space

  1. The most important part of the episode, and the thing on which it would ultimately live or die – the dinosaurs – exceeded expectations. Part CGI and part puppetry, there wasn’t a duff prehistoric beast amongst them. Whether gingerly stepping over a snoring Tyrannosaurus Rex, or riding ‘Tricey’ to freedom, they felt like living, breathing, slobbering monsters and succeeded in selling the child-friendly wonderment of the situation.

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