My Son, Dinosaurs and Magic

I talk about my son a lot, why? because frankly he is the most awesome little person I know and I like talking about him. Without wanting to quote a meerkat, it’s simples.
This year seems to be going really quickly, can you believe that it’s October already? I don’t. It’s Nathan’s birthday in November, originally it was supposed to be in October, he was due the day before Halloween, I would have loved a Halloween baby and I affectionally call him the monster anyway, but he decided that he wanted to be bang in the middle of Dads and Mums birthday. Typically awkward, just like his dad.
He’s a smart little boy, I don’t just say that because I’m his mother, I might be a little biased but he really is. At the moment he’s going through a dinosaur phase and we were playing Dinosaurs before bedtime. It’s funny playing with the minature dinosaurs that we brought for him. He’s favourite is called Bonehead, seriously I haven’t made that up. I have to go through a dinosaur book before bedtime and he always points out his favorite dinosaur.
Yesterday we were watching a magic trick on the television, it was a simple case of misdirection as the magician made a penny disappeared. When Nathan’s dad went to work Nathan picked up a pound coin that had fallen out of my pocket and a pen. He told me to watch as he clutched the pound in his hand and tapped it three times with the pen…He opened his hand…okay the pound was still there, he is only two after all, but he threw it over his head and looked at his hand. Where did it go Mummy?
Very Clever, I can’t wait to see what he does next.


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