Steampunk and Edits

I love writing. I love a new challange but sometimes I bite off more than a chew. Last year I submitted a story idea for a steampunk anthology. It was just an idea, I didn’t have anything written for it but the idea was good and it got accepted.

I’ve always wanted to write steampunk, influenced by my favourite writers in the genre Sean Hayden and Nick Valentino. I loved how these guys created these worlds and I wanted to do the same.

Steampunk is not an easy genre to write. You’re constantly trying to create a realistic world. WIngs is the steampunk retelling of the ‘Six Swans’. The original storyline is only about six pages long, so I’ve had to elaborate on it a lot.

It’s also the first time I’ve written in third person. It hasn’t been the easiest example.

I’ve had the edits for a few months and it felt like I’d hit a brick wall. I’d even thought about rewriting the whole story. For the last few days something inside of me clicked and I’ve been ploughing through the edits. Deleted a few scenes which were useless and rewrote some of it, not all of it. I have one more week to finish it. My publisher/editor Karen L. Syed has been very understanding, it would feel slightly better if she threatened to kick my butt. I felt that I’ve taken to long with these first round of edits.

I want to get it finished before NaNo starts, since I’m apart of Entangled Publishing NaNo bootcamp. This is also the first time I’d have attempted sweet comtemporary. Let’s hope it isn’t proof of bitting off more than I can chew.


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