An Update

I managed to get the edits finished for Wings and emailed back before Nano started. I can’t tell you how happy I am that it’s finally back with my editor. I’d even thinking of writing more steampunk written in the same world but that will probably be a project for next year.

It’s hard to think we’re already in November. It’s my son’s birthday next Saturday. The thought is a little terrifying. Every day he’s changing, becoming less of my baby and more a little boy. He doesn’t even let me call him baby anymore, he just points at himself and say ‘I’m a boy mummy.’ He’s speech is coming on leaps and bounds. If he wants to be picked up it’s usually ‘daddy, carry me please.’ it’s so cute and completely annoying at the same time.

Nano is proving to be an interesting experience. I’m writing contemporary romance for it, not really a genre I write a lot but I’ll try anything once. The mini projects I’m working on, are a lot more fun. They have a lot more humour in them and I realised I missed that. Especially after I stumbled upon a complete manuscript on my netbook. I can’t believe I forgot about it. I forgot I liked to write funny and sarcastic characters. I know you’ll love Selina Blue, that main character. Hopefully soon I’ll find a publisher for that story and than I can write some more.


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