#sexysnippets ‘The Schoolteacher and the Dom’


Sexy Snippets are seven sentences, taken from a work in progress, or published book, brought to you every Sunday. Mine are from ‘The Schoolteacher and the Dom’, my contribution to Evernight’s Romance on the Go line.


Nola Pryce didn’t expect much to happen over the Christmas holidays. She planned on spending it alone, eating too much chocolate and watching bad TV. She certainly didn’t expect Alex, a man with a secret that’s sure to change her life—if she lets it.

Alex Winchester runs The Black Rose Club with his business partner and friend Lilith Yee. It caters to every dark fantasy. But Alex is a Dom without a submissive, until he meets Nola. He invites her to The Black Rose Club Christmas party. A lot rests on this one night. Alex is giving Nola a choice. It’s up to her if she wants to say yes.

This is slightly longer than seven. This is Nola getting ready for her ‘date’ with Alex.

Nola pulled the corset around her waist. Thank God it isn’t one of the ones that lace up at the back. I’d never be able to do that by myself and it’s not like I can ask one of my neighbours. She had no problem imagining the look on her neighbour’s face if she’d asked the old lady to help. She clipped the buckles into place, tugged it into the right position and looked at herself in the mirror. Wait a minute, where’s the mask? Nola grabbed it off of the table and slipped it on.
Then she stepped into the high heels that matched the startling shade of blue of her dress.

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