Witches, Updates and Submissions. Oh my.


I haven’t done tantalizing tuesday for a few weeks. My workload for one has been hectic and I’ve been submitting stories. I sent out three and I got a no for one today. It always sucks when you get a rejection but a part of me knew that the story I submitted, wouldn’t fit with the publisher I sent it to. In the end, it’s my own fault. The manuscript needs a lot of TLC before I even think of sending it out again. Think of it as a boxer, it’s gone into the ring and been bashed about a few times. It needs to be fixed and I’ll give it a few weeks before I open the file and try to soothe it’s battered ego.

But back onto the subject of tantalizing tuesday, yes before you ask ‘have you been knocked around the head?’ I know it’s wednesday but I’ve decided to let my muse run free and I’m going to post a few hundred words on the picture above. My first published story was about a witch called Molly O’Brien, I’ve also written another story featuring another witch called Kat, one of the submissions I’m waiting to hear on. So, let’s stick with the theme.

“I’m a witch.”
The man opposite me laughed and I fight the urge to smack him in the face. I don’t like people loving at me, especially when I’m being serious. Why had I even thought that telling him would result in anything but laughing? Because you’re in love with him, my inner voice whispered at me. No, I don’t, I argued back, how can I love anyone who can’t accepted me for how I am?
“You cackle over a cauldron and eat the neighbours kids?”
The glint in his eyes nearly makes me lose my temper. “Of course I don’t. That isn’t what being a witch means. I don’t have a hooked nose and I don’t have any warts either.”
He laughed again, he didn’t know how close he is to being turned into a toad and thrown into a lake. I edged closer to him and there’s no mistaking the startled look in his eyes. “Would you like me to prove it to you?”
“How can you prove it to me?”
Being an Earth witch means I’m mentally connected to the Earth, to flowers, plants and trees. It’s a powerful gift to have. People often asked me how I managed to have the best garden in the neighourhood. I’m not lying when I say it’s Magic.


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