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Stephanie Lawton

blog hopToday starts the Evernight Teen Summer Kick Off Blog Tour, which in itself is pretty cool, but even cooler is that you can win copies of Evernight Teen titles (including SHRAPNEL!) and … *drumroll* … a Kindle Paperwhite!

Here’s an excerpt of SHRAPNEL to whet your summer appetite (and possibly thank your lucky stars you’re not spending months in the Alabama humidity!).

Below, two of our main characters have snuck out of Oakleigh House–a historic haunted mansion that played a part in the Civil War–to do some off-the-grid ghost hunting. Dylanie is a psychic medium and Jake is empathic. She’s been drawn to the giant oak tree outside her bedroom balcony since the night she saw a hawt ghost standing under it.

*   *   *

I close my eyes and concentrate. I tune out this world to focus on the other one. It shimmers just under my eyelids, my…

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Sexy Snippets, a New Release and a Giveaway


An awesome bunch of UK writers got together one day and decided to write an anthology, Her Kind of Guy is the result.

My contributions are called Ghost and Messy, here’s my snippets. Make sure to check out the others and add us to your TBR.


She’s going to leave, Carter thought to himself, which is exactly what I wanted. She started to walk to the door but Carter stepped in front of her. “Do you want to know how I earned the nickname?” He didn’t know what he was doing. As soon as he’d realised she’d lied to him, he should have kicked her out on her shapely little butt. Instead he didn’t want her to leave. Maybe he could blame it on the whole lack of sleep thing but he was silently starting to wonder if she’d be interested in his brand of messy. Carter’s cock twitched in interest at the random thought.


He fiddled with the cuffs on his shirt. He left the dark blue suit jacket open, making it easier to reach for his gun when he needed it. The job tonight was simple; he had to make his way to the Arcadia Hotel, go to the fifteenth floor, room seven and put two bullets into the person who was staying in there. The pay was ridiculously good. He could retire on it, though it had been said that Lucas Godfrey wasn’t a man who’d leave the life in anything but a body bag.




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Latest Contract Signed.

News for anyone who read and loved ‘The Schoolteacher and the Dom’. ‘Weekend with the Dom’, tells the continuing story of Alex Winchester and Nola Pryce. It’ll be out in August. 🙂 


Fairy Tales and Steampunk: The Perfect Combination? By Ella Grey

I’m super excited to be steamed. This is a great site. Thanks for having me.


Ella Grey has always loved to write. As much as she loves being a mum and eating strawberry ice cream. She can’t picture her life without it. ‘Wings’ is her first story in the Steampunk genre and it isn’t going to be her last. Ella has tackled a lot of different genres and doesn’t plan on settling on any particular one. It makes life interesting and keeps it varied. The next project is still being decided but she’s leaning toward a YA trilogy that’s been bugging her to be written. Her family are used to seeing her bent over a computer and muttering conversations with the people in her head. It’s okay, since she’s perfectly happily with not being normal.

Fairy Tales and Steampunk: The Perfect Combination?

By Ella Grey

Clockwork_Tale-cvrI’ve always owned several fairy tale books as I was growing up. I still have a few on my bookshelf…

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Random Fiction

I’m pretty sure that the mouse was planning on taking over the world. I’d never trusted the furry little blighters. The way they looked at you with twitchy little noses and a pair of evil  red eyes, people thought that they look cute. I, on the other hand, knew that they were plotting world domination. They probably looked at us and thought, silly humans, haven’t you watched Pinky and the Brain? Bow down before and proclaim us as your gods.
I glanced away from the glass cage that held my sons pet captive. It had been a rough month but I was at least 80 percent pretty sure that I wasn’t insane.  I saw a flash of movement and I was back in front of the mouse’s cage, nose practically touching the glass.
“I know what you’re planning, Mister Whiskers and you can forget about it.”
Mister Whisker’s nose twitched. I heard my son calling me and reluctantly got back to my feet to go find out what he wanted.
* * *
Lord Deathstrike, otherwise known as Mister Whiskers, which he’d always thought was a stupid name for a mouse, buried his nose deep into the sawdust that lined his cage. He squeaked happily as his nose brushed against the hard plastic of the remote. It was time to make the first strike against the puny humans, besides the human his owner called mother, no-one would ever suspect that the mice were behind the attacks. Soon the world would be theirs


Once Upon a Clockwork Tale

The Once Upon a Clockwork Tale has been spotlighted on Echelon Presses website.