Random Fiction

I’m pretty sure that the mouse was planning on taking over the world. I’d never trusted the furry little blighters. The way they looked at you with twitchy little noses and a pair of evil  red eyes, people thought that they look cute. I, on the other hand, knew that they were plotting world domination. They probably looked at us and thought, silly humans, haven’t you watched Pinky and the Brain? Bow down before and proclaim us as your gods.
I glanced away from the glass cage that held my sons pet captive. It had been a rough month but I was at least 80 percent pretty sure that I wasn’t insane.  I saw a flash of movement and I was back in front of the mouse’s cage, nose practically touching the glass.
“I know what you’re planning, Mister Whiskers and you can forget about it.”
Mister Whisker’s nose twitched. I heard my son calling me and reluctantly got back to my feet to go find out what he wanted.
* * *
Lord Deathstrike, otherwise known as Mister Whiskers, which he’d always thought was a stupid name for a mouse, buried his nose deep into the sawdust that lined his cage. He squeaked happily as his nose brushed against the hard plastic of the remote. It was time to make the first strike against the puny humans, besides the human his owner called mother, no-one would ever suspect that the mice were behind the attacks. Soon the world would be theirs


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