Evernight Teen Summer Kick Off Blog Hop!

Make sure to look at the blog hop.

Stephanie Lawton

blog hopToday starts the Evernight Teen Summer Kick Off Blog Tour, which in itself is pretty cool, but even cooler is that you can win copies of Evernight Teen titles (including SHRAPNEL!) and … *drumroll* … a Kindle Paperwhite!

Here’s an excerpt of SHRAPNEL to whet your summer appetite (and possibly thank your lucky stars you’re not spending months in the Alabama humidity!).

Below, two of our main characters have snuck out of Oakleigh House–a historic haunted mansion that played a part in the Civil War–to do some off-the-grid ghost hunting. Dylanie is a psychic medium and Jake is empathic. She’s been drawn to the giant oak tree outside her bedroom balcony since the night she saw a hawt ghost standing under it.

*   *   *

I close my eyes and concentrate. I tune out this world to focus on the other one. It shimmers just under my eyelids, my…

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