A Little Sunday Flash


This is the IT guy? Mira worked on trying to focus on anything but his sexy grin, the roughly style hair and his hard body hidden under the white shirt and trousers. Who was she kidding at this rate she’d be having the conversation with his left ear. I wondered what it would be like to nibble on it. Okay, maybe not his left ear then.
“Can I help you with something?
How about the zip on my dress as you take it off? She thought silently. “I think that there’s a problem with the network, my computer keeps kicking me off.”
He frowned, pushed his glasses up the bridge of his nose. Mira had always thought that glasses were incredibly sexy on a man and she quickly lost her train of thought. “What’s your number?”
“Excuse me?” Did he just ask me for my telephone number?He smiled. “The number on the computer, I can log onto the computer from here and check out the problem.”
Mira pulled out the chair opposite him and sat down. “You can do that?” As he nodded she gave him the five digit number for her computer. A few minutes passed as Mira listened to him type on the keyboard and click the mouse a few times.
“Okay, you’re good to go now.”
“That’s it? That was quick.”
He looked at the computer and mumbled something that she barely caught. “That’s the only thing I’m fast at.”


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