What do dragons eat, Mummy?

I can’t believe that it’s been nearly two weeks since I last logged onto this thing. As you can see I’ve added yet another genre to the banner, paranormal romance. I hope you have enough time to have a click and a look. The series isn’t released yet, the first one is going through the third round of edits soon so I’m hopeful it’ll be out in the big, bad world soon.

At the moment it’s the summer holidays if you live in the UK, which I do. My son is three years old, four in November and while every day he amazes me, he can be a complete an utter pain in the butt. At the moment he is at that phase where he is constantly asking questions, such as ‘what do cows eat, mummy.’ to the stranger ‘what do dragons eat, mummy?’ Obviously the first one was the easiest to answer, the dragon one not so much.

Nathan: Mummy, what do dragons eat?
Mummy: Um, they eat people sweetheart.
Nathan: (laughs) No they don’t, Mummy, they eat grass.
Mummy: Well you know that when Daddy plays Skyrim?
Nathan: Yes.
Mummy: Well when the dragon appears and everyone runs, it’s because they’re scared. If dragons didn’t eat people, they wouldn’t be running scared, would they?
Nathan: (rubs his chin)
Mummy: You okay?
Nathan: I’m thinking, Mummy. Okay, dragons eat people.

Hand on my heart, a honest conversation with my son.


2 thoughts on “What do dragons eat, Mummy?

  1. actually, if you’ve watched Game of Thrones, dragons eat meat, not specifically people. the people run, because the dragons breathe fire. no one likes to be a living bbq 🙂

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