Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

It’s been a while since I’ve last teased so I thought I’d post 200 hundred words from a wip. Please make sure to follow the link down the rabbit hole and check out the other great authors, just been warned that these excerpts are for the over 18s.


“What do you think you’re doing?”
Isabella flinched away from the horse. She’d recognize that gruff voice from anywhere. It was a voice made for bed. A voice perfect for grunting in your ear as they took you from behind, with fingers laced through your hair as they pull on it, making the pace unbelievably hard and frantic. Damn, the heat was really getting to her. Her nipples were hard and she was sure that he could see them and that he knew what they meant.
“I’m sorry. I know that you wanted us to stay out of the stables.”
He stalked towards her. “But you’re still here. Usually I have a problem with having woman on these trips. This life isn’t for anyone with delicate sensibilities.”
His words made her bristle. “What makes you think I have delicate sensibilities?” The heat made her snaps the words at him. How dare he judge her before he got the chance to know her? Who the hell did he think he was? Okay, he was tall, with muscles that would have made her drool if the heat didn’t make it evaporate before it would touch the ground. He was rough around the edges and it was obvious that he worked hard. He wasn’t like Timothy or David, who probably hadn’t done a hard day’s work in their entire lives.
Ryan’s eyes narrowed. “Sweetheart, you’ve got a fire in you but I wouldn’t play with me unless you want to get burnt.”



8 thoughts on “Tantalizing Tuesday Tease

  1. I GOT burned……….I love the last line. It is so…………..foretelling, threatening almost. This was very sexy. I loved that you had her react the way a real woman does with pheramones flying and nipples erecting. Loved it:. I can’t wait to read the final cut of your WIP……and look at Hugh Jackman again) xo

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