A Sexy Snippet


She held her breath as the cougar stared at her, an impasse reached between animal and human. She’d never been this close to such a beautiful animal before. She should have listened to the guide, he’d said that coming up here would be a mistake but she didn’t listen, had thought she knew better. Then she was suck, between a rock and an animal which licked its lips in anticaption.
“Easy kitten.”
A humanlike snort escaped the large cats jaws. Dawn edged away, her hand bumped against stone. Hell,when she thought rock and hard place,she was being sarcastic. “You don’t want to eat me, I’m not the dinner you’re looking.” She waved her hand but the cougar came closer and as she shut her eyes, waiting a killing blow, the large cat nudged her hand. A gentle move that had her eyes flickering open.
I’m not going to eat you, little one.
“Damn it, did I hit my head or did I actually hear you talk?”


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