Ravaged Anthology

Ella grey- Lissa

I really love the opportunity to write for anthologies as it gives my muse/brain a bit of leeway. You want a shifter story, up to 10k? Why yes I think I can manage that (spoken in a refined English accent…because I can). Then it comes down to a much more fun question, what kind of shifter? I’ve only ever really written wolves before, so that ruled that out pretty immediately. In the end you’re looking for a challenge, something a little different.
I settled on leopards. Okay it isn’t a particular unique idea, I’ve seen writers do leopards before. So what made it unique was the story itself. I didn’t want to write a normal love story and hopefully in A Fine Line Between Love and Hate, I achieved that but I’ll leave that up to you to decide.
All the contributors to the anthology will be posting something on over the next week or so. Some are offering prizes. Some are offering insight, me? I’m not overly sure yet. How does the top five unlikely shifters sound to you? Come back on the 8th to learn more, I’m also going to be suggesting a few writers who use very unique creatures in their stories.

Ravaged releases tomorrow, but it’s still available to preorder at Bookstrand. There really is something for everyone in this collection of stories, dragons, bees, wolves and leopards.



2 thoughts on “Ravaged Anthology

  1. Ella’s shifter story has a heart of gold! I’ll have a review up for all you fine readers during our blog tour but here’s a preview: you will definitely fall in love.

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