Great News!!!

I have several new shiny contracts to share with you. It’s slightly bewildering since I hit a writing block in January but I have four confirmed stories out this year so far.

Guarding Mari: The Black Paw Pack #2 with Decadent Publishing. This story is Daniel and Mari’s, what happens when a serial killer comes back to finish the job?

The Death Witch: A Touch of Death with Breathless Press. This story is apart of Breathless Presses flirt range and there will be five stories in total, all in the 8k word count. If you liked my Molly O’Brien story than you love Fiona Fire-Tongue, a witch in search of her sister.

Embracing the Tease: The Black Rose #3 with Evernight Publishing. This is the last story in this series and it belongs to Lilith, the infamous Madame Tease and Joseph, a rocker with the weight of the world on his shoulders.

Heartless: This story is apart of a steampunk anthology being published by Echelon Press.

I have several other stories to write and more in the process of being written, so hopefully I’ll have more news soon. 🙂


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