New Release


The Black Rose, 3

They both need to blow off some steam…

Lilith Yee is Madame Tease, except she hasn’t been doing much teasing lately. Alex has left her in charge, which means there isn’t time for fun. On top of paperwork and making sure Twisted Rope is still performing on Friday, she’s bored.

Joseph Hall is the lead singer of the Twisted Rope. On the last leg of their tour, he has the weight of the world on his shoulders. He’s kept a secret from his bandmates, one that is slowly killing him inside. He’s more than willing to put the decisions in someone’s hand.

One night. No promises. Could it end up being the perfect beginning?

Be Warned: mild BDSM, sex toys, wax play

A website exclusive excerpt.

What the hell was she doing? She pressed her thighs together, trying to curb the ache that being with Joseph had placed there. Instead, it just made it flare to life. It certainly had been a while since she’d felt the intense need that the singer with the tormented eyes inspired in her. Everything about him called out to her inner Dominatrix. He needed someone to look after him. To care for him, to take that hurt look out of his eyes. How tightly did he hold onto his control? What did she need to do to bring him peace? Lilith usually took a very strict approach with her submissives. Joseph probably needed a gentler one. She spent a few more hours watching the tour videos. During the first few stops, he’d been confident, almost cocky, and definitely sexy. In another time, she probably wouldn’t have looked at him as a natural submissive. This was more a case of taking the decisions away from him for a few hours.

Lilith needed it too. They both needed it badly. It had been too long since she’d unleashed Madame Tease. There wasn’t enough time to head home to collect any of her more practical clothes. She could always send Katherine over to her house, but she quickly dismissed the idea. Whatever happened once he came to her office would be between the two of them.

She unpinned the heavy strands of her hair, letting it fall around her shoulders. She’d have to work with what she was wearing. It didn’t matter too much. Retrieving the small key from the top drawer of the desk, she went to the cupboard that Alex kept in the office. In the beginning, Lilith didn’t understand why he wanted to keep toys in the office. Then she’d walked in on Alex spanking Nola with a red paddle until her butt was the same color. Nola hadn’t noticed her as she wept, begging for more. Alex, on the other hand, had winked at her.

She knelt down in front of the cupboard and unlocked it. Her eyes went wide as she smiled. Now these were things that she could use. She would have to ask what Joseph’s hard limits were before they started. It was likely that he had no real idea about submissives or the lifestyle. It meant taking control—making sure he understood what to expect and that he was safe.

Anticipation rode every part of her. Tonight would definitely be fun. She grinned as she traced her fingers over the toys she’d found.

Only if he comes, he might still say no. Unwanted, the thought popped into her mind.

He won’t.



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