#SexySnippet from The Schoolteacher and the Dom (The Black Rose #1)


I nearly forgot to post this again but thankfully I’ve just remembered and it’s before midnight on Saturday…so I’m organized, right? 🙂

The Schoolteacher and the Dom was my first foray into BDSM, it’s light and playful, Nola and Alex are still my favourite characters in this world and their story concluded in Weekend with the Dom, which was harder and had more BDSM elements to it.

Here’s the snippet.

“That woman that you asked me to keep an eye out for, she arrived about ten minutes ago.”

Alex couldn’t help a rare flash of anger but he stifled it quickly. It wasn’t the man’s fault Alex was impatient to see her. “What’s she wearing?”

The man smiled. “She’s hard to miss. She looks like Alice from Alice in Wonderland. She’s wearing a blue dress, white corset and blue heels. Last time I saw her she was heading towards the bar.”

Alex let go off the breath that he’d been holding. She was here. Half the battle was already won. Now it was time to try and win the other half


Thanks for stopping by. If you prefer something light and fun, a man wanting to introduce a woman to his world and only partially succeeding, then you’ll love this story.

It’s currently on sale at ARc


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3 thoughts on “#SexySnippet from The Schoolteacher and the Dom (The Black Rose #1)

  1. Alice in Wonderland? Oh my ears and whiskers! I’m guessing that’s where the similarity ends, right? Great snippet, thanks

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