Sexy Snippet from Runaways


Runaways is my first self publishing project under the name Samantha Allard. It’s a little hard to find a sexy snippet as Runaways is an urban fantasy story, low on sex and high on sarcasm.

A telekinetic assassin on the run from the Blue Isis Group, Selene Ryder is about to find out that you can’t hide forever.

This novella is 25k, is part of a series and priced at 99 cents.
Here’s the snippet

Fighting against the urge to roll my eyes I pushed the door open. Joseph was a small, squat man; more gargoyle than human, with a face only a mother could love. He’d look right at home hidden under a bridge terrorizing goats. There might have been a chin there at one point but now it was swallowed up by rolls of fat. Even with the comb-over there was no mistaking the ever expanding bald spot highlighted underneath the lights.
“What do you want, Joseph? They need me downstairs.”
The smile he gave me made me want to jump in a shower with a wire brush. “You’ve kept secrets, Lene.”

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