Superhero Wednesday


Hello ladies and likeminded men, this week we’re going with a suggestion from Leann Mallow. Today we’ve got a rather dashing picture of Mark Ruffalo, who played the Hulk in the Avengers. Since I haven’t seen X-Men: Days of Future Past yet, it’s still the bar by which I measure all comic book movies.

This week will be the start of me showcasing the men of the Avengers. I think out of all of them Mark Ruffalo as Bruce Banner is full of a quiet intensity. He isn’t your typical muscle bound hero until he becomes his green alter ego. Over the years I’ve watched quite a few interpretations of the character, the television show, Eric Bana and Edward Norton. When I heard about the dispute between the studies and Norton about him appearing in the Avengers and for that to fall through. I was a little worried until of course I saw Mark Ruffalo as the character, not an obvious choice but still a good one.

SO what do you think of this interpretation of the character?


One thought on “Superhero Wednesday

  1. He is perfect as Bruce Banner. I remember watching the 70’s series. He has that intensity and the nostalgic silences. But he also bring that Banner that has learned to reign in how much anger to let lose. Absolutely adore him!

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