A Ritual

I have a ritual, something I do whenever I get a new notepad or a computer. I open up a file or run my hand over a fresh sheet of paper, pick up a pen or position my fingers and I write out my bibliography. Besides those words in my banner, I’ve never made a public note of it. So here it is.

Evernight Publishing


Just Vamps (The Red Dress)
Irish Kisses (Cupid’s Conquest)
The Schoolteacher and the Dom (The Black Rose #1)
Weekend with the Dom (The Black Rose #2)
Embracing the Tease (The Black Rose #3)
The Dare Encounters (Free Read)

Decadent Publishing


Saving Kat (The Black Paw Pack #1)
Guarding Mari (The Black Paw Pack #2) TBR 29th July

Breathless Press


Ravaged Volume 2 (A Fine Line Between Love and Hate)
The Raven’s Kill
A Touch of Death (Death Witch #1)

Echelon Press
Wings (TBR)
Heartless (TBR)


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