#ROW80 midweek update

Yes I know it isn’t actually midweek but since I started this last Thursday. I figured Thursday will be my update day. So lets see, what did I accomplished this week?

1: I finished two rounds of edits for my young adult release, if you want a peek at the cover you can find it here. https://www.facebook.com/samanthaallard83?ref_type=bookmark I don’t know when it’ll be release but I’m hoping late August, early October.
2: I’ve finished the rewrite for the steampunk. It was essentially rewriting the beginning to make it flow better and adding in scenes between Winifred and her brothers. I’m going to give it one more look through and send it off to the publisher. I’ve also seen a cover to that as well but since it wasn’t the final cover. I’ll wait until I get the okay.
3. I’ve been thinking a lot about the next story, whatever I work on next. I’m still thinking. I haven’t had an idea that sticks in mind for a while. It could be the heat since my brain seems to go into hibernation when it gets too hot or my muse might be on strike. Either is a distinct possibility. My word court has also suffered.

two out of three isn’t bad but at this rate I’m not going to have many releases out this year.


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