#ROW80 Update

Good Morning, Afternoon and Evening, ladies and gentleman on the internet…(coughs and wriggles her lips) hmmm seemed to have started channelling my old English teacher there for the moment. What do I have to tell you this week, did you know there’s an actual eel called a snot eel? Okay its a nickname but still that’s a little bit disgusting. Me and the little monster got a book from the library, a little bit like the Guinness Book of Records but it covers the fastest animal, the slowest, well you get the idea. I also stocked up on comics and manga, some for the book and the manga mostly for me. I’m currently reading Vampire Knight, I originally watched the anime but it was such a long time ago and I do remember liking the story.

Okay, back to the update.

1. I’ve managed to get back into the writing saddle and I’m back to 2k a day, unless a family event happens and even then I try to fit in some writing.
2. I submitted a story, the 2nd instalment to my Death Witch flirt series. This one has nearly double the word count and if the editing gods are kind I’ll find out if its been accepted soon.
3. I haven’t written anymore to the sequel to The Raven’s Kill and I’m not sure if I’m going too.
4. I wrote some words for the next planned self published story but I’m not sure where they are going, its only 2k so far and I refuse to panic about it just yet.
5. I had a release, Guarding Mari and last time I checked its still on sale on Amazon.
6. Tomorrow I will be sitting in a dark cinema and watching Guardians of the Galaxy because I’m thirty years old and more than capable of watching a movie by myself.

The next big plan is to write a standalone shifter story. I have a few on going series but its always nice to shake things up once and awhile. (glances at the clock on her computer) half ten, really? I better get back to writing. I’ve also got a Dakota Cassidy story on my kindle I want to get back to.

Bye all. Until next week.


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