Into the Dalek: A Review

I have to admit that this episode didn’t hit the wow factor of the previous Deep Breath. I understand that every Doctor must have a encounter with the Daleks but I think it was something that could have waited for a few episodes. We needed to get more invested with this incantation before we’re hit with the nemesis. There was also a throwaway scene with the mysterious Missy but until we have more context about who she is, I don’t have much to say about her. Though it is possible there is a link between Journey’s rescue by the Doctor and Gretchen ‘death’ maybe she was taken the moment before it? That probably makes more sense in my head.

In this episode we were introduced to Danny Pink, the next rumoured companion. I emphasis rumoured since I’m not a hundred percent sure. He certainly seems interesting but since the Doctor said he wouldn’t take Journey because she was a solder, what would make him change his mind in the case of Danny? I don’t really have much to say about Clara either, she’s the one who comes up with the solution but all in all, a throwaway episode that didn’t have the emotional punch I was expecting.

Best Line

Clara: I’m his carer
Doctor: Yeah, she cares so I don’t have too.


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