Time Heist: A Doctor Who Review

If you’ve been following my reviews you’d have noticed I missed last weeks episode. Now this wasn’t deliberate but when I noticed I went back to write the review and blank, absolutely nothing. That isn’t saying that it was a bad episode because it wasn’t. Intriguing. Well acted. Interesting character progression. It was all of these but still, I couldn’t find any words to describe it. So lets brush off that and get talking about this one.

I caught the twist half way into the episode but saying that, the story had lots of twists and turns. It played against expectation, which is something I appreciated a lot. The characters were strong, interesting. The Doctor was a little less annoying. I think I mentioned it in my last review. The new Doctor is very much like marmite, you either love him or hate him. Now hate is a strong word and I don’t feel that way about him, I’m indifferent. I prefer the younger doctors, they had an energy to them, some maniac and others childlike. I’m not a fan of the old Doctor Who episodes either, I can’t connect with them. To me Who is fresh, a bubbling caldron of energy ready to burst out. I don’t get that with Peter Capadli. It might be a case of letting him grown on me. I might end up appreciating him, might.

Anyway back to the story. All in all, good. Probably one of the best of the season and if it keeps going at the rate it is, one of these episodes is going to exceptional. Come on Doctor, don’t let me down. Please?


midweek tease

(thanks Doris for pointing out i put the wrong title. That’ll teach me for posting at stupid o’clock) Okay this week I hit a bit of a wall, not literally because ouch but I finished the story I used last week. I’m a little undecided about what to do with it. I’ll submit it and I now know where I’m sending it too but it doesn’t feel right, I’m not sure why but there you go.

Anyway back on topic, here’s my snippet. We’ve had a bit of a name change as well.

“Clayton, you’re here.” He glanced up to see Bertha. Alan’s wife wiped her hands on her apron. His boss preferred to handle the meat on the grill but Bertha did everything else. Her grey hair was cut into a bob and she wore a long flowing beige skirt and a white top with long sleeves. She was one of the sweetest people Clayton knew and whilst he teased Alan something rotten about being under his wives thumb, it probably wasn’t a bad place to be. She cared about all the staff and had become a surrogate grandmother to their kids. As if on cue Clayton heard some of them giggling in the backyard. These BBQs were a real family affair.
“Absolutely, wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He laced his fingers back through Kit’s and walked toward his boss’s wife. There was the slightest hesitation before Kit followed him.
Bertha glanced down at their joined hands and her smile grew wider. “You must be Kit. I heard you were a baker.”
Clayton caught the curious look Kit gave him. “Yeah, if I’d known we were coming I would have brought something.” Her tone was slightly reproachful.
“You didn’t tell her?” The elderly woman shook her head in mock disapproval. “Well you can come help me in the kitchen if you want?” Bertha took her hand and Clayton let her go. Kit glanced over her shoulder, a little panic stricken, Bertha saw it too. “It’s okay sweetheart. I don’t bite. I want to learn all about you. You know you’re the first girl Clayton has brought to the monthly BBQ?”
“Bertha.” Clayton groaned, slightly embarrassed. He’d kind of hoped that it wouldn’t come up. He didn’t want to scare Kit away.
Kit smiled at him. “Really?”

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ROW80 Update

I think I missed last week but I actually have something to update, so here it goes. 

* Guitars and Cupcakes, my contemporary romance is finished but not ready to submit yet. Firstly I’m not a hundred percent sure where to send it and secondly it isn’t perfect.

* I’m supposed to be getting the edits to two of my steampunk stories. Wings has been published before but it really needed a little bit of expanding. Heartless is a brand new story.

* My son is off to school for a full week starting Monday. It means I’m going to have a very quiet week but I’ll be working and also searching for a new job. I’ll still be writing but it’ll be going down to part-time hours. 


Robot of Sherwood: A Review

Have you ever had a case of Deja vu? I seriously got a case of it when I watched this episode. Some of the dialogue seems lifted from the animated film, but I guess it has something to do with the myths and stories that surround the character Robin Hood. Anyone over the age of twenty will probably know what I mean. The animated film was shown during the holidays back then in the UK. I haven’t seen it in a while since it doesn’t measure up to the Toy Stories or How to Train Your Dragon but I remember it.

Okay lets get back to the point.

If you read my review for last weeks episode I didn’t like it much. This episode was much better, it certainly had its high points but it still felt like a filler episode. There were Easter Eggs, the robots trying to find the Promised Land, which makes me think this is one of the big things this season. It got mentioned in the first episode and during David Tennett’s run, leave me a message in the comments if I missed anything. SO let’s get back to the high points.

* The bickering between Robin and the Doctor. The characters actually have a lot in common, which is mentioned in their last interaction before the Doctor and Clara leave, and there was a lot of one up-man-ship between them which was worth a giggle or two.
* Clara was the voice of reason again and you could see how excited she was to meet Robin. There is still a level of childlike wonderment about her.
* The Doctor was wrong. He thought he had all the answers. He found it completely unbelievable that Robin existed as anything but a legend.
* The Robots were pretty cool for monsters. I think they’re actually a repeat monster but I don’t remember from when. The purple cross that appeared on their head was a striking effect. It’s the second time we’ve had robots so I hope that next week is something different, judging from the teaser it is.

Down points

* Besides the Easter Egg, this felt a lot like a filler episode. I know that this season will have a lot of standalone episodes and it was quite a funny one all in all but not much drama.


Elven Obsession: Print Release for Decadent Kane.


Elven Obsession paperback is now available on Amazon- Elves aren’t just for Christmas


Something elven this way comes… The trouble with being an elf is… well, it’s complicated! We have to save Christmas magic like my sister Ribbon. Don’t even get me started on Clover. Clover has to break a goblin’s curse using love and nightshade! Whoever comes up with these recipes needs help. Now Captain Joren Steele has his hands full with not only a dark-eyed beauty named Pepper, but a king, an evil drow elf, and someone stealing souls! Cayenne has to capture a malevolent fairy, but she finds her attraction to her partner to be a bit distracting to say the least. And finally, Rue. Rue has a difficult choice: should she do as she is commanded or standby as an elf is tortured. Join the elf side…



Midweek Tease: Guitars and Cupcakes

I’m posting a snippet from my current wip, which I hope to finish and submit this week. Clara Collins has a past she’s desperate to forget, James reminds her of what hurt her but he isn’t her ex. A mechanic who plays the guitar on the weekends, James is intrigued by the redhead who makes the sweetest cupcakes.

He slipped off his leather jacket. “I’m going to help you replace the biscuits you lost. It’s the least I can do.” She looked tore. Clara didn’t want him to stay that much was obvious but he couldn’t just leave her to clean up when it was his fault. James smiled at her. “Come on, free labour right here. Do I have to beg before you let me?”
A laugh escaped her and the last of the tension left her body. “Yeah, you don’t strike me as someone who begs.”
“That’s true, but I’m not leaving until I help you replace what got broken.” He folded his arms across his chest, he meant business.
Clara studied him for a second before she leaned across the counter and picked up a pale green folder. James watched as she flipped through the clear plastic covered papers and stopped when she came to the page she’d been looking for. She reached between the sheets and handed it to him. “Okay, if you’re so determined to help, follow these instruction.” Her eyes narrowed. “Exactly. I’ll taste one when their done before putting them on sale.” Clara paused. “I’ve got to sort out the till.” She made her way passed him and James glanced down at the recipe in his hand. “Remember to wash your hands.”

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