Robot of Sherwood: A Review

Have you ever had a case of Deja vu? I seriously got a case of it when I watched this episode. Some of the dialogue seems lifted from the animated film, but I guess it has something to do with the myths and stories that surround the character Robin Hood. Anyone over the age of twenty will probably know what I mean. The animated film was shown during the holidays back then in the UK. I haven’t seen it in a while since it doesn’t measure up to the Toy Stories or How to Train Your Dragon but I remember it.

Okay lets get back to the point.

If you read my review for last weeks episode I didn’t like it much. This episode was much better, it certainly had its high points but it still felt like a filler episode. There were Easter Eggs, the robots trying to find the Promised Land, which makes me think this is one of the big things this season. It got mentioned in the first episode and during David Tennett’s run, leave me a message in the comments if I missed anything. SO let’s get back to the high points.

* The bickering between Robin and the Doctor. The characters actually have a lot in common, which is mentioned in their last interaction before the Doctor and Clara leave, and there was a lot of one up-man-ship between them which was worth a giggle or two.
* Clara was the voice of reason again and you could see how excited she was to meet Robin. There is still a level of childlike wonderment about her.
* The Doctor was wrong. He thought he had all the answers. He found it completely unbelievable that Robin existed as anything but a legend.
* The Robots were pretty cool for monsters. I think they’re actually a repeat monster but I don’t remember from when. The purple cross that appeared on their head was a striking effect. It’s the second time we’ve had robots so I hope that next week is something different, judging from the teaser it is.

Down points

* Besides the Easter Egg, this felt a lot like a filler episode. I know that this season will have a lot of standalone episodes and it was quite a funny one all in all but not much drama.


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