midweek tease

(thanks Doris for pointing out i put the wrong title. That’ll teach me for posting at stupid o’clock) Okay this week I hit a bit of a wall, not literally because ouch but I finished the story I used last week. I’m a little undecided about what to do with it. I’ll submit it and I now know where I’m sending it too but it doesn’t feel right, I’m not sure why but there you go.

Anyway back on topic, here’s my snippet. We’ve had a bit of a name change as well.

“Clayton, you’re here.” He glanced up to see Bertha. Alan’s wife wiped her hands on her apron. His boss preferred to handle the meat on the grill but Bertha did everything else. Her grey hair was cut into a bob and she wore a long flowing beige skirt and a white top with long sleeves. She was one of the sweetest people Clayton knew and whilst he teased Alan something rotten about being under his wives thumb, it probably wasn’t a bad place to be. She cared about all the staff and had become a surrogate grandmother to their kids. As if on cue Clayton heard some of them giggling in the backyard. These BBQs were a real family affair.
“Absolutely, wouldn’t miss it for the world.” He laced his fingers back through Kit’s and walked toward his boss’s wife. There was the slightest hesitation before Kit followed him.
Bertha glanced down at their joined hands and her smile grew wider. “You must be Kit. I heard you were a baker.”
Clayton caught the curious look Kit gave him. “Yeah, if I’d known we were coming I would have brought something.” Her tone was slightly reproachful.
“You didn’t tell her?” The elderly woman shook her head in mock disapproval. “Well you can come help me in the kitchen if you want?” Bertha took her hand and Clayton let her go. Kit glanced over her shoulder, a little panic stricken, Bertha saw it too. “It’s okay sweetheart. I don’t bite. I want to learn all about you. You know you’re the first girl Clayton has brought to the monthly BBQ?”
“Bertha.” Clayton groaned, slightly embarrassed. He’d kind of hoped that it wouldn’t come up. He didn’t want to scare Kit away.
Kit smiled at him. “Really?”

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7 thoughts on “midweek tease

  1. Heh — you think you screwed up? The linky code wound up in my spam folder and I didn’t even post until this morning! But enough about that — very, very nice tease, especially since I’m all about BBQ. 😀

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