Time Heist: A Doctor Who Review

If you’ve been following my reviews you’d have noticed I missed last weeks episode. Now this wasn’t deliberate but when I noticed I went back to write the review and blank, absolutely nothing. That isn’t saying that it was a bad episode because it wasn’t. Intriguing. Well acted. Interesting character progression. It was all of these but still, I couldn’t find any words to describe it. So lets brush off that and get talking about this one.

I caught the twist half way into the episode but saying that, the story had lots of twists and turns. It played against expectation, which is something I appreciated a lot. The characters were strong, interesting. The Doctor was a little less annoying. I think I mentioned it in my last review. The new Doctor is very much like marmite, you either love him or hate him. Now hate is a strong word and I don’t feel that way about him, I’m indifferent. I prefer the younger doctors, they had an energy to them, some maniac and others childlike. I’m not a fan of the old Doctor Who episodes either, I can’t connect with them. To me Who is fresh, a bubbling caldron of energy ready to burst out. I don’t get that with Peter Capadli. It might be a case of letting him grown on me. I might end up appreciating him, might.

Anyway back to the story. All in all, good. Probably one of the best of the season and if it keeps going at the rate it is, one of these episodes is going to exceptional. Come on Doctor, don’t let me down. Please?


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