The Midweek Tease #MWTease

Welcome back to another Midweek Tease. I submitted Guitars and Cupcakes last week and it didn’t go well. SO this week I’m in rewriting and tightening up the manuscript. I’m hopefully to have it sent back off on Saturday.

They weren’t completely out of sight from the door but Clayton wasn’t in any rush to stop kissing her, drinking in her moans and sighs. He stopped himself short of touching her completely. That would try out to be a dangerous slope giving into the need running through him, like a barely contained river. Instead he pressed his lower body against hers showing her how much he wanted her. Clayton groaned as her fingertips traced the sensitive skin at the base of his neck. The move almost tentative, unsure.

Clayton broke the kiss as Kit pressed her hand against his chest. Green eyes stared up at him. The palest shade of pink coloured her cheeks. He reached up, cupping her cheek feeling the faint tremor that went through her, as he ran his thumb across her parted lips, and stole another kiss.

“Clayton.” She murmured his name. “I can’t do this.”

That got his attention. “I can never find the right moment with you, can I?” He sighed.

Kit laughed. “I should have unlocked the front door ten minutes ago.”

“Rain check?” He dipped his head. God, don’t say no beautiful.

She bit her bottom lip. There it was again. Whoever hurt her to begin with had really done a number on her. “I should say no.”

He pushed off the wall, and walked back far enough until his back knocked against the opposite wall. Clayton didn’t want to put distance between them but it was safer. Especially when it took every ounce of self-control he possessed not to brush his fingers against the bare strip of skin just visible beneath her t-shirt. “But you’re not going to.”

“And why is that?” Her expression became guarded.

“Because you’re as curious about this as I am.” He knew that she was. There was no denying the way she surrendered to his touch. A spark like theirs? It would be a crime not to explore it.

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