The Midweek Tease #MWTease

It’s that time of the week again. This time I’m giving you guys a snippet from Submitting to the Boss. Originally this story was for an anthology which I missed the deadline for.

SO lets have a peek into Dee Chapin’s head.

If anyone in the office could read her mind, Dee Chapin would get into serious trouble. She absentmindedly nibbled on her bottom lip as she typed on her keyboard. Every few minutes she peeked over the top of the screen. The way her desk was arranged allowed her an uninterrupted view into her boss’s office. She glanced back down at the screen and randomly typed in some notes sheโ€™d scribbled down from the Weston meeting. It wasn’t her fault James was one of those guys who inspired dirty fantasies in the middle of the work day.

Dee liked to think she was completely in control of her crush. Unfortunately her eyes had a life of their own. They always seemed to follow him as he walked across the floor, drifted down his back and checking out his butt. A sight that had her heart beating that much faster. Dee crossed her legs, her pencil skirt pulled tight across her thighs.

She glanced back down at her screen and swore underneath her breath, half a dozen red lines had appeared under the words sheโ€™d typed. Dee needed a new job. If there was ever a more pathetic excuse for a crush she didn’t know about it.

It could have been worse; she managed to stop herself blurting out her secret desires whenever he asked her to come into his office. Where do you want me, Sir? Bent over your desk with my legs spread? That wouldn’t be a problem, Sir. Would you like me to take notes? Please Sir, spank me some more. Dee shook her head tension built between her legs; she pressed her thighs together and risked another glance over her computer.

A few more hours, that was all she had to get through and then she could go home. Her plan for the night was pretty unimpressive, rent a movie and order in a pizza. Her thighs probably wouldn’t like her for it but Mario’s did great pizza. Her thighs would get over it.


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