Nano Update

So we’re halfway through nano, that time when a majority of writers try to aim to write 1.6k a day to have a novel at the end of it. I wish I could say that the words have flow easily but they haven’t. All power to the writers who can do this but I guess it just isn’t in me. For the last three days I haven’t written bugger all. It has been the weekend and this one has been more hectic than most. I had a job interview, which lasted for three hours and a birthday party for my son’s friend to go to. After that all I wanted to do was lie on the settee. I couldn’t put two sentences together for love nor money. Sunday was essentially the aftermath, my partner, Mark had overtime so it was me and the boy. It was like a scene from an old wild west. Guns at dawn.

Mummy: “Are you going to let mummy write?”
Nathan: (his face screws up in thought) “Nope.”
Today I need to go to the council office but I figured I’d tackle that impossible task at twelve. This also doesn’t count the every day tasks, dishes from last night and a general clean up. I guess I could do that now which would free up the afternoon to create magic on the paper but no. I’m in my inner sanctum. The kitchen is all the way down the stairs.

Okay so time to dig myself out of the nano hole or at least can someone give me a ladder so I can climb out?


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